MARCH 2021

An ongoing project which will inevitably change in its methodology and findings, A Portrait of Peckham documents London’s SE15 at the time of inquiry. It presents 22 photographic portraits of its population, amongst a list of every business along its epicentre - Rye Lane. This visual documentation is also accompanied by a 4 minute ‘audio montage’ made up of the responses the subjects gave to two questions: 1) What do you like most about Peckham? and 2) What do you forecast for the future of the area? 


Set amidst a fast gentrifying, fast changing London, this project aims to show what makes Peckham so special, and what is at risk of being lost through present development models. It hopes that with this, the decision makers involved in the future of the area will prioritise its social capital - earned and maintained through generations of community, culture, and a diverse population - in favour of the oftentimes damaging financial gain that gentrification poses.

BMX silhouette, Peckham
List of Businesses on Rye Lane
List of Businesses on Rye Lane
List of Businesses on Rye Lane
Man, vendor, Asad, sitting, sit
Peace sign, lilypads